Chryssa Mantaka

Chryssa Mantaka is Doctor of Theatre Studies and Lecturer in Costume Design at the School of Drama and School of Film Studies, Aristotle University Thessaloniki. She studied German Language, Theatre and Shoe-Design. She worked as a stage and costume designer and participated in exhibitions of «Melina Merkouri Foundation» Thessaloniki and in «Balkan Bridges», Krajujevac.Selected publications: «Defining the Costume in the Russian avant-garde. The Archives of George Costakis, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki: Valuable and structural Tools in Costume Designing Theatre Education» (Athens, «Endyesthe» Conference Proceedings).» Changing Streams: From the Identity–Character Crisis in Greek Theatre and its Repercussion in Costume Design to Global Issues of Performance» (Rob Fisher Imprints).» «Tendencies in modern scenography: two particular stagings of Ivanov by A. Chekhov (Theatre Conference Proceedings, School of Drama, Aristotle University).»