Thursday, 22.09.2011

13:00 Guided tour of the exhibition
«François Berthoud. Die Kunst der
Modeillustration» by Christian Brändle,
Director of the Museum of Design.
Meet at the museum ticket office
(advance registration is required; tickets
are priced at CHF 8.00) 

14:30   Welcome 

  Jacqueline Otten, Director of the 
Department of Design, Zurich University
of the Arts 
Anna-Brigitte Schlittler and 
Katharina Tietze, Zurich University
of the Arts

Dance – Theatre – Film
Moderator: Bitten Stetter, Zurich
University of the Arts
15:00 Dance, Tulle, and Tutu – Illusions of
Dorothea Nicolai, Zurich Opera House 
15:45 Clothes-Dance-Shoes: What moves what? 
Katja Stromberg, Bochum


Moderator: Tristan Weddigen, University
of  Zurich
17:00 Exploring Movement in Early Soviet 
Cinema: Body and Costume Interplay 
in Yakov Protazanov's Film «Aelita».
Chryssa Mantaka, Aristotle University
17:45 Verve in Black-and-White: The Film
Costumes of Ginger Rogers and
Fred Astaire. 
Katharina Tietze, Zurich University 
of the Arts
18:30 The Stage as Catwalk: Costume 
Aesthetics in Outdoor Theatre.
Yvonne Schmidt, Zurich University 
of the Arts

19:15 Refreshments


Friday, 23.09.2011

Movement in Clothing
Moderator: Anna-Brigitte Schlittler,
Zurich University of the Arts 
09:00 Fashion in the Wind: Coincidental, 
Artifically Produced, and Imagined 
Metamorphoses of Dress. 
Gundula Wolter, Berlin 
09:45 The Art of Gathering Clothes:
Or how can creases be tamed?
Regina Lösel, Nidderau


11:00   «Always in Control»: Re-animating
the Duchess of Windsor`s clothing
Peter McNeil, Stockholm University 
11:45   The Fringed Zonari of Peloponnesus:
More Observations on the Classification
and the Technology of the String Belts
in Greece.
Sofia Tsourinaki, Pireaus

12:30   Lunch

Technologies and Techniques of
Moderator: Elisabeth Hackspiel-Mikosch, 
AMD Akademie Mode & Design, 
14:00 Textile Futures: Fresh Horizons for
Fashion, Design, and Architecture.
Bradley Quinn, London 
14:45   «This attire must be both practical and 
becoming.» The Development of Ladies’ 
Ski Clothing from Skirts to Trousers. 
Rebecca Niederhauser, University of 


 16:00   Horse Riding Fashion – Clothes made for
Maren Raetzer, Hanau 
16:45 «Not without my sportive corset!»
Corsets and Movement in the 1920s. 
Josephine Barbe, Technische Universität
17:30   Clothing as Movement and in Motion.
Christoph Allenspach, Zurich University 
of the Arts 


Saturday, 24.09.2011 

Rituals and Clothing
Moderator: Katharina Tietze, Zurich 
University of the Arts
09:00   Changing Cloaks – Moving Images. 
Mary Magdalene and Francis of Assisi. 
Silke Geppert, Dommuseum Salzburg
09:45 Performative Paraments: On the 
Functions of Visual Representations of
Liturgical Gowns in the Context of the
Holy Mass from the Thirteenth to 
Sixteenth Centuries.
Barbara Margarethe Eggert, Berlin


 11:00   Performing Cloth(es): Clothing and Ritual
in Traditional and Contemporary Africa.
Ursula Helg, University of Vienna 
11:45   L’Adonis du jour: Men in the Boudoir. 
Anna-Brigitte Schlittler, Zurich University
of the Arts 

 12:30   Lunch

  On the Catwalk 
Moderator: Philipp Zitzlsperger, AMD
Akademie Mode & Design, Berlin 

14:00 How Fashion Photography Started
to Move: Paul Poiret, Edward Steichen,
and Jacques Henri Lartigue in the Early
Twentieth Century. 
Joya Indermühle, University of Zurich
14:45 When Fashion Shows Became
Marie Helbing, Technische Universität


16:00   Controlling Space/Controlling Movement:
Theatre, Ritual and the Illuminated
Runway Body. 
John Potvin, University of Guelph
16:45   The Dissolution of the Body in
Gunnar Schmidt, University of Applied 
Sciences Trier 

 17:30 Close 
Anna-Brigitte Schlittler und
Katharina Tietze, Zurich University of
the Arts