Sofia Tsourinaki

Sofia Tsourinaki studied History of Textiles & Weaving. She has taught at several institutions since 1986, she was a research fellow focusing on the Coptic textiles at the Benaki Museum (1996 to 2005) and is the Head of «S.E.N. Heritage Looms» (since 2007).
Selected publications:«Late Antique Textiles of the Benaki Museum with Bucolic and Mythological Iconography», Oxford (Archaeopress) 2004, «La teinture, le filage et le tissage en Grèce: Costumes traditionnels de la Grèce», Musée des Tissus de Lyon 2004, «Looped Pile Weaves at the Benaki Museum: More Observations on the Classification of Techniques and the Technology of textiles», Oxford (Archaeopress) 2005, «A Narrow-Sleeved Woollen Tunic from Byzantine Egypt», En Quête de la Lumière, Oxford (Archaeopress) 2009.