Peter McNeil

Peter McNeil is Professor of Design History at the University of Technology Sydney and Professor of Fashion Studies at Stockholm University. Previously he was Head of School of Art History and Theory at the University of New South Wales. Trained as an art and design historian, he works mainly on eighteenth-century West Europe and the twentieth century. Currently Investigator in «Fashioning the Early Modern: Innovation and Creativity in Europe, 1500-1800», a «Humanities in the European Research Area - Joint Research Programme» (2010-2013). Select co-edited publications: «Shoes: A History from Sandals to Sneakers» (Oxford and New York 2006), «The Men’s Fashion Reader» (Oxford and New York 2009); «Fashion in Fiction» (Oxford and New York 2009), «The Fashion History Reader: Global Perspectives» (London 2010). Editor of the 4-volume work «Critical and Primary Sources in Fashion» (Oxford and New York, 2009).